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Just wanted to see how many Maritimers are on this website and take a chance introduce myself. My name is Justin Morash, I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have been a member of this website for a bit over two years now and since joining I have built up quite a few friendships with other fish keepers throughout Canada and have created a few great business relationships with many exporters, importers, and wholesalers nationally and internationally.

I have been keeping fish for close to 8 years now and have kept hundreds of species. In recents years I have been taking particular interest in keeping stingrays, asian arowana, cichla, bichirs, channa, south american cichlids, as well as keeping a variety of rare large predatory fish. However I do have a large amount of experience keeping smaller fish like discus, angel fish and tetras, as well as a variety of saltwater fish.

Anyways thats me. Please feel free to email me if you ever need help finding hard to find fish or if you have questions about keeping certain types of fish. If I can't help you through my own knowledge, I will try my best to direct to someone who can help you.

Please feel free to introduce yourself!

Justin Morash


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Hey, I'm on here, just found this post I'm here from Moncton and like snakeheads. As you know... Want to find me something I can't find... They aren’t "expensive" but you’d need contacts in Asia to get them from what I’ve gathered they are common out there,

I'd like the 2 other "types" of Canna astica,

I have the regular "pearl" type white spots all over ,

I but there are 2 others,

One I’m told know is a Japanese locality, sometimes called "red pearl" They look similar to the normal type that I have but with red spots rather then white.

The second is the Black variant (these are what I really want) , These I have found VERY little info on Other then a couple pic's they area solid black with the exception of the classic "white speckling". I haven’t found out where they are collected as of yet, only that they are commonly called "moon snakehead" in Asia.

, I want barca but they are out of my price range, (maybe after my auranti breed!)

That's all until this summer; however I am planning a build this summer a 480g tank 8'x4' 2' (LxWxD). So by late summer I’ll need all sorts of wonderful things!
Glad to see you're on here Devon.

I will check around for the channa you want. If you could email pictures that would make things a lot easier. "Common names" don't mean much in the fish trade, especially for unclassified channa species. I have heard of a "channa sp. moon". I've seen them available a few times. I will see if I can find them again and try to get some pictures to compare.



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they are both the same species Channa Asiatica, I'll e-mail you a pic now... I only have a pic of the black one, the red spotted is just asiatica from japan.

I dont know your e-mail, here's the pic

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