Im baaaaaack :)


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hey guys and gals
long time no see.... after quitting the fish hobby and selling off all my tanks and supplies, moving to a new house and having a baby..... i just cant stay away from the arowana lol and you guys of course! Starting from scratch! new tank is set for delivery and im in the build now looking for fish. ill be popping up everywhere again and looking forward to joining in on the fun. anyone looking for someone to split a case? :) chen..... maybe ill get to buy a few pups after all? hope you guys are still around.


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hey bud...can never stay away tooo long! lol....funny you are getting back...I'm starting to get bored and have been thinking about getting out for a bid! LOL...

Good luck in your search...good time to be looking right now!


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Welcome back and good luck with the new set up. In my experience having young kids at home led me to really ramp up my tanks/hobby. Your son/daughter will be an expert on rays and arowana in no time!

What size tank are you setting up?


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i grabbed henmings 300g shes getting delivered saturday. im pretty excited starting from scratch everything is new down to the test kits lol so many new toys on the market and the quality of whats available for livestock is gonna make for a way better comm


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Xenon :) im workin on it! i put some pics of your tank up in the 300 gal section with the aro i just grabbed
Hope to see more soon