Instagram and other easy to use aps


Arowana blogger
I have not bought a new camera in over 4 years, have not really paid much attention to how the world of photography is changing. Some of these changes involve new easy to use photo-shop aps (like Instagram) that allow for colour filtering, saturation, and basic editing. Interesting article here:

Has anyone out there used Instagram or any of the other new aps?

Another article on whether high tech is killing pro photography here:


Since i use Photoshop products, almost exclusively to edit my photos.. i find it hard to step down to those aps.

An ap will never replace a good camera though....

At least thats what im going to keep telling myself. (Just bought a new cam/lenses...)


Too much work in photoshop to make a bad camera look like a good camera, and just like Joey photoshop is what I've got used to. I may find a need for these apps in the future as my job is calling for more things on the fly. Almost all my apps are based on the electrical industry with a few others for travel.