k1 & Bioball Sump


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Hey guys, I have been having a headache and a hell of a time deciding on my sump as i wanted to combine the use of both K1 and bioballs. I already have 30gallon of bioballs so i would like to use it. Dimensions for the tank that I will be using for this sump is 72" x 18" x 18". Even though the picture does not show the socks but I will have filter socks in the first chamber with water draining into it from my overflow.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Pretty nice design but Ull want mechanical first before any bio to keep those compartments clean.


Keep it simple and just run a larger section for the K1.

The trickle tower wont make it any better. It only complicates it.

Sell the bio balls to buy more K1.


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I am going to change mine to have filter socks draining into k1. Way easier to deal with than bio balls.