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Along with Derek Goh of Pang Long/Sing, and Nicholas Chia of Dreamfish, Mak of Max Koi got his start at Panda Aquatics under the tutelage of Mr.Kan. I was lucky to be introduced to Max and found him a really personable guy. He was busy planning his wedding when I visited, but he still found time to answer all my questions. I know the guys at also have good things to say about Max.

I highly recommend a visit to Max Koi. Besides koi, he also has some huge outdoor ponds with arapaima and other giant fish, including the biggest flagtails and gars I have ever seen.

Inside he had an arowana viewer room with old female brooders that were past breeding age. Mr. Kan told me that was around 10-12 years. When I asked him why they stop breeding he gave a rueful sigh and said they are like people who get old, and no longer have kids.

In the first photo below is a rather special cichlid (the one on the right). Apparently they were newly "discovered" and were the only ones in Singapore at the time. Max hoped to breed them. Anyone know what it is called?

I still have to format some of the photos and so will upload them in two batches in the next few hours.


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This fish in the first pic....

its a paretroplus maculatus... from Madagascar.. not newly discovered though(1966). Just highly endangered, and possibly extinct in the wild. In fact i believe they were listed as endangered when discovered since there was so few in the wild. that goes for all of the paretroplus though..

Anyways, while rare in the wild, i see them pop up from time to time. There was a species being bred in canada.. two species i believe...... about a $15-20 fish.

If you like that fish, check out the Paretroplus Menarambo, they are my favorite of the Paretroplus.

Stunning pics by the way! thanks for sharing.
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Thanks Joey. t's great to have such knowledgable members here to get answers to questions so fast! I think you also know quite a bit about filters, so you might find the filter photos below interesting too.

I have quite a bit of video from my visit to Max Koi, including some underwater video of the arapaima (I just stuck my sealed camera in the concrete tank; Max told me the arapaima would not bite my hand off, but I was nervous nontheless). The video will have to wait for another day.