Mt 300G asian update :)


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Well here they are over a month after the move to the new tank :)
Everyone seems happy other than the little fights but they seem to be calming down now...... Last night someone stole a silver dollar tho....


My little bbxb



What do you guys think?


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Stingray are almost 18" the female more towards 20-22" as the tank is 24 deep and she lifts her tail to turn....
As for the xback the shine is low, thats why i posted asking about maju as i thiought it was an rtg when it arrived.... But when im up close and he goes under the light i can see frames inside the scales up to the top row so I am PRAYING i get an xback :) he also has a may 2010 cert so i still have hopes for him.
Thanks for the imput guys I really appreciate it


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Yeah they do eat pretty well lol.... I try to keep them full so they dont fight or keep killing off my other fish.
denico, They are all cv maju's
I hope the xback starts getting a high shine cuz at this rate my rtg's will cross before he does lol. They were all looking to be classic type rtg's when i picked them up but as they put on some weight the gold got really deep, nice blue base and the pearlies keep getting higher :)


rtgs are great!!! good price for what they are. some even get a higer shine than regular grade xbacks! lol.


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I moved the rays to another tank to make room for the tig, Turns out my loaches arent always black LOL gave them some wood to play with and they have color now. Fighting is down to a minimal and the alpha has calmed down so for now all is well :)


Great looking tank, good to hear that the community is getting along. Definitely read more horror stories of aro communities than successes, enough to scare me from trying one.


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Nice stock. The over flow really take up so much space :). The loaches is dark because of the stingray they both bottom swimmer so as long as you don't have bottom swimmer that bigger then loaches then it should be fine. Just hang on to the aro and when they are full grown it look really nice when they swim together.