My 135 gallon


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Quick iPhone photo. It's not an Asian Arowana, but I thought I'd share something with the forum.
The story: I purchased a Silver Arowana approximately 6-7" in length back in Feb from a small pet/flower store on Lake Shore Blvd in Toronto. The fish is now ~ 11-12" in length.
running :

Old miracles tank 72"x18"x24" -glass bottom
Steel stand/pink foam
Fluval FX6
Fluval E300-100watt x2
Colbalt 1200 powerhead
Cheap glass thermometer
DIY CFL lighting -i'll post something later in the DIY section.

Malaysian wood x2 pieces = 65lbs
Amazon swords x4

This is what i wake up to every morning.
Very quiet and relaxing.

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