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Hello everyone. I don't post much here. Mostly lurk around. Thought I'd share my 450 gallon with everyone. This tank has seen a few changes this past few yrs. Anyhow looking forward with learning and sharing experiences and knowledge with everyone here.

Tank is a 450 gallon all glass tank. 8' x 3' x 2.5'.

Stock is

Bbxb Gold Asian Aro
Male and Female Marble Motoro stingrays
Ornate/Weeksii/Endlicheri Bichirs
Indonesian Datnoid
Satanoperca Daemon
5 x Rotkeil Severum
2 x Super Red Severum
2 x Turquoise Severum
5 x 7-8" Clown Loaches

Also have a spotted Gar that is going in here soon. It's currently growing out in my other tank.


Thanks for viewing.



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Here's a side tank shot and close up of the Aro.


Also here's a video clip of my tank when I use to have gravel as a substrate.



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nice setup bro.
The aro is 7yrs old? he looks small at this age. My BBXB is just 2 yrs olb but like a monster :)


Very nice. I think this is the ideal tank size. Would look really cool with a couple more aro's in there :)


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Very nice. I think this is the ideal tank size. Would look really cool with a couple more aro's in there :)

Thanks. I use to think the 450 was massive but nowadays it's small compared to some of them big boys out there:)

Here are some old shots of my old setups when I first purchased the tank 3 years ago til now.






My old SA Aro community tank. Grew these silver Aros from 10" to 2' before I sold everything off due to taking it down when I moved back to my home city in 2010. Sold all the stock and tanks but kept the 450 and brought it home with me.

225 gallon 6' x 2' x 2.5' grow out tank.


The silvers out grew the 225 in a few months. Xfered them to the 450.

Old stock

3 x Silver Aro
1 x Black Aro
2 x Peacock Bass
1 x Gator Gar
1 x RTC
1 x Achara Catfish


My old fish room in a 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom main level condo. 225 gallon, 450 gallon and a 45 gallon tank.


Took a break from the hobby for about 6 months after selliing everything off. In feb 2011 I started to re set up the tank. Went for a sump instead of the fx5's.

Turned this 95 gallon wide into a simple design wet/dry sump.



End of Feb 2011 the tank was finally filled and going through cycle process.


What my tank use to look like in 2011.


Currently today the sump system design has gone through some changes. Running 4L of Matrix(gonna add another 2-4L sometime in the future), 30 gallons of bio balls, 1L of purigen in a reactor and a 55 watt UV sterilizer. Also running 1 Fx5 filled with Bio max for back up filtration when I do maintenance or if my return pump ever fails.
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Super Moderator's a amazing how 450 3 years ago was so it's close to a starter with folks on here! :)


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I miss this old sapphire! Great update! Looks great!

Thanks Brett. Sorry I can't sell it back to you when u want him back. It's also my dad's aro as he takes care of it when I leave to east for work. He's happy, eating lots and getting along with everyone well. Never experienced such a tamed Gold Aro before. You've raised him well:) Also shipping it is a hassle. If we were local then it be better chance.
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