My Discus has cloudy eyes


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I am fairly new to keeping Discus and they all have been doing really well up until recint when my one snakeskin started getting cloudy eyes, well I removed and quarintine and treated with salt as what was recomended from a good friend who has keep discus for many of years said it prob just bumbed its eye and salt should be fine treatment.

It has been a week or so now and still no improment and now I have noticed that another fish in my tank is getting cloudy eyes as well, So my question is what other treatment do any of you recomend?

Here is also a pic of it.


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We'll have to find out why its happening, so we can fix it, prevent it, then treat properly.

My 2 assumptions are parasites, or ammonia. Leaning towards ammonia.

Have you added any new fish to the tank recently?

What are your water readings? how long has the filter for this tank been running?


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Id say ammonia or ph crash. Do a large wc daily and keep your ph even. You may need to buffer. What is your ph? If your filter isn't keeping up or too high a violator your ph will crash.
Do a wc and add one tablespoon st per 10 gallons. Use equilibrium or aragonite to bring up the oh and gh. You need 125 ppm gh to have. Nitrification.


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Just tested Ammonia and it is zero and have been testing regularaly, ph stays at about 7.6-7.8 has not changed I do have a constent ph monitor and has been calibrated recint. Daily water change have been done every day with 50% R/O 50% tap water that has been aged and ran through a series of carbon filters so I am pretty sure water is in good order and yes my Kh and Gh are in check to as I also test them regular. Basicly the whole system has bee running for a long time mainly I keep only rays but decided to move rays into a larger tank and stock that 300 with discus and I am sure if system did crash I would have noticed something up with my rays as well.
The one in the quarintine has not improved loss of appitite and eyes really cloudy the one in the pic I have not removed yet out of the main tank, he appeared cloudy three four week ago but seemed to improve but as of recint like the past fews day does not look so well as you can see in the pic, he is still eating unlike the other one. I don't like medicating until I know what it is I am trying to medicate so my question is should i be moving the one in the pic to the quarintine as well and continue salt treatment or should i be trying meds of some sort?
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Are you feeding bloodworms? Silly sounding question but happened to my discus and have heard others say the same thing. If the worms aren't fresh or previously thawed...I had a whole tank get cloudy better...fed again and once again. Cloudy damaged eyes.
My worms had thawed and refrozen.
Everything else seems to sound good in your tank.
Unless you have added different stock from different sources recently. It's usually the innocent ones who get sick. The carriers are immune and don't if bacterial or viral infections.


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Very possible, I bought a new bar fridge for my fish room and had a few days there getting the temp worked out on it and the one that is worse off I have tried feeding it more bloodworm that the others.
I will stop feeding those blood worms and see what happens


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Frozen thawed once

I've noticed my Axolotls have a reaction to day old thawed blood worms.

No more of that practice.

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