My new vulture catfish from Fairdeal!


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Thank god this isn't a hide in the log catfish. He cruises all over the place. He got banged up a bit by the rays when I first introduced him but they are okay with him now.



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wow...pretty neat looking spots on him!
One of the things I liked about him was the spots plus he won't get huge.

cool cat! sell me back that hybrid pair hehe. very nice.
:)Maybe I will trade you for a BD female!! Hint hint.

Very cool cat reminds me of a lince cat.
Thanks,I bet they are pretty close in the activity department.

Cool Trevor. I was gonna buy that Cat I think.
Thanks. I seen your ID post on MFK, it's the same fish!!


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They seem like a manageable pair. Not going to grow too big like pure leos. Perfect for my 300 gal lol.

What fish don't you have. Seems like you have something new all the time.


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Like you can't tell by the big gut but the vulture is eating pellets and algae wafers now.