Necropsy for dead fish


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I have lost two Asian arowana in the past few months under strange circumstances. In both cases the fish seemed healthy and were fed on a diet of frozen white shrimp purchased from Costco. I contacted Lee Newman, curator of the Vancouver Aquarium, and asked him where I could get a fish necropsy done, as well as an analysis of the Costco shrimp. He told me to check out a government agency I had never heard of before:

I'll post more details about what I learn in the days to come in this thread.

Considering I have not lost an Asian arowana for many years, for me to have lost two in the space of a couple months when all water parameters were fine strikes me as too weird. I even had BD stingrays in one of the tanks with one of the aros and they are just fine. I would think if it was a water issue to blame that the rays would have been the first to get hurt.
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Wow. Sorry for your loss. I'm interested in your findings. Pretty sure I've bought costco white shrimp for myself and family.