New and Improved POTM!!!


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People, dust off those cameras and get clicking! The second anniversary of is coming up we need to have a photo contest.

The prizes will be as follow:​

Grand prize - a copy of Indodragon 4, by Hendri Leong; If someone wins who has won "before" that person can choose to have a comparably priced exotic fish (Datnoid sp., large clown loach, that kind of thing). Shipping for the book is free, for the fish it would be paid by the winner.

Runner up prize - everyone who submits at least three new photos will be offered a full copy of a recent European article on the Asian arowana hobby. To claim this prize you will be asked to send in a stamped self addressed envelope. PM for details.

Here are the guidelines:
1. You must be a forum member to enter the contest.

2. The picture you submit must be your own. If there is any question of authenticity the picture will not be entered.

3. You may submit multiple pictures.

4. Failure to comply with contest rules will result in a disqualification.

5. All pictures are to be submitted to [email protected] please include your forum name so I know who you are

6. Pictures can be submitted until Nov 20 and voting will take place the next day until the end of the month.

7. Rules and guide lines are subject to change as per staff discretion

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13 days left and chances for winning are pretty high :)

I think I might just take a real fuzzy shot of a guppy to win this thing myself :p


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Here we go

Some pictures are starting to roll in :cool:

Remeber, everybody can be a winner in this one. Lets get some more enteries :)


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No maximum on the amount of pictures?
Can it be of any fish?
I think it's time to borrow my father's camera....


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Jerry Sorry you cant grb the price too early this year I'm going to take a whole lot of pics at Niko's placce and give you a run for it. That's if i make it back in time b4 this POTM expires