Newer Type of Bacteria House Media (from China) .......


The BH is filter medla made from mineral stones (that emit far-infrared ray) and ailica after undergoing high temperature treatment. It encourages the rapld growth of large colonies of beneficial bacteria which helps to improve the water quality by removing toxic substances present in the aquarium water.

The BH is 10 times more effective than normal filter media in cultivating beneficial bacteria as the high porosity of the material offers a greater surface area for the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to colonize. These bacteria are necessary for the breaking down of Nitrate and Ammonia in biological filtration.

The emissive scale of the BH's far infrared ray is above 0.92 and the wavelength is 4-14 microns. These properties enable the BH to break down the hydrogen bond of water molecules, revitalize and increase the oxygen in the water. This will in turn encourage the growth of aquatic plants and fishes, boosting their immunity against diseases.

Hey there, although i appreciate the construction and porosity of this media, and recognize that it would make a good home to nitrifing bacteria based on those two things... i often question its claims.

One being the idea of the far infrayed rays.

The other being the ability to reduce nitrates.

The bacteria responsible for reduceing nitrates is anaerobic bacteria. Thiey does this by a reductive process. The oxygen from the nitrate molecules is used by anaerobic bacteria to convert it to nitrogen gas, which is released back into the atmosphere.

This will only happen if there is a place in your system with a very low oxygen level that will allow anaerobic bacteria to exist in sufficient quantities to handle the waste that is being produced by your stock.

That is exactly what happens in a nitrate reactor....

So, this makes all makes sence until we throw in the idea that this bacteria house contains far infrayed rays. "These properties enable the BH to break down the hydrogen bond of water molecules, revitalize and increase the oxygen in the water."
If this is the case, then this is not a low oxygen enviroment. Meaning the break down of nitrate will not occur.

Or did i read that wrong?

Not bashing this product, id actually love to get some, but i feel like i would be paying top dollar for "far infrayed rays" (which to me, is simply an invisible wave length of the suns spectrum) and it does nothing for me.


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Theo (Vancouver) is collecting orders for hobbyists in Vancouver area, please PM him if you are interested.

I would find a professional shipper to ship. If everything goes okay, it should be shipped before Christmas.

If you guys want to save some shipping cost (ie for bacteria house media, nan light or heavy item), it's good time to think about.



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PM replied.

In the meantime, I just got confirmed that a box of bacteria house media being delivered to Hawaii (USA) by Canada Post. I track the shipment all the way and seems to me that Canada Post has done a good job here.

Receiver told me that there has no (Canada to USA) custom-related fee.
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Can offer further discount if you can take 3 boxes (142 pieces / box) or more. Buyer is required to pay for shipping cost.


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Just sold some bacteria house media to Chicago IL by Canada Post.

Buyer confirmed to me that it took only 2 days.

No custom fee.

Just to inform USA forum members about that.

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