Offer of paired aro from Dreamfish


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Hi everyone, does anyone know if Dreamfish offers any paired aro just like some other farms in SGP?

Thanks for your input.



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hey mr. J, pair is in 2 fish? ie...m/m, f/f, ?/? or M/F?

M/F is almost next to impossible for them to know unless they have been paired...and in most cases they would keep those for breeding stock unless the quality is bad but probably still keep.

MerLion Arowana

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Hi Fishbill...we regret that we do not offer any paired aros.

The safest way to have a pair of aro is to buy a comm of at least 5 pieces of aro and let them pair up in your tank. Once you spotted a pair, you can net them to another tank for your tank breeding project.

Hope the above helps!