Piwowarski Discus Pre Order Due By July 5th

Piwowarski Discus Pre-Order:

We have an exciting opportunity to get ahold of some Piwowarski discus. Alexander Piwowarski is one of the top discus breeders in the world. His hatchery is located in Germany and his fish have won major awards including grand champion at discus shows around the world. I could go on forever about the high quality of his fish but I’m sure most of you are already well aware. For those that aren’t a quick google search will reveal lots of great photos, videos and positive reviews of his discus. This photo will provide a good starting place to see what his strains look like as adults:

The only problem is that demand for Piwowarski discus is high and the competition to buy them is fierce. As such we need to move fast to have a chance at getting some.If you want to order please contact me ASAP. These discus will only be available by pre order and I will only be accepting pre orders until 11:59pm PST on Friday, July 5th.

How the pre order will work:

1. You will need to e-mail your order to me at [email protected] prior to the 11:59pm PST, July 5th deadline.
2. I will confirm availability with Piwowarski.
3. Upon receiving confirmation that the discus you want are still available payment will be due in full (e-tansfer, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are accepted)
4. The shipping date for this order is expected to be somewhere in mid July as it takes a bit of time for myself and the exporter to get all of the required paper work in place. When the exact date is confirmed I will contact everyone in the order to let them know.
5. The discus will need to be picked up or shipping arranged within 7 days after arrival. Boarding charges will apply to any fish left in my care beyond 7 days.
6. Buyers are responsible for doing their own quarantine.QT is always recommended but it is especially important if you are planning to mix German and Asian discus in the same tank/system or even if cross contamination from one tank to another is possible via equipment, hands and so on.

Please note these pre order prices are substantially lower than they would be if these were regular in stock discus. A boarding fee of $2 per day per fish will apply to any discus left in my care beyond 7 days. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Applicable sales tax will be added to the prices.Local pick-up from my farm is free. Shipping is extra if needed (please contact me with your location for shipping costs).
Small $65 each.These discus are around 2.5” and include buyer’s choice of Brown, Cobalt, Blue Diamond, Red Melon, Red Spotted Green and San Merah X Curilenquer.
Medium $105 each.These discus are around 4” and include buyer’s choice of Curilenquer, Red Melon, Red Spotted Green and San Merah X Curilenquer.
Large $205 each.These discus are around 5” and include buyer’s choice of Brown and Red Spotted Green.
Extra Large $265 each.These discus are around 6” and only Cobalt’s are available (one of my personal favourite Piwowarski strains)