Repashy Super Food. New Gel food for Fish


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I am very pleased to announce that CanadaPleco will be carrying the full line of Repashy's New Gel Superfoods, the first in Canada to be selling Repashy online. This new food is going to change the way we feed our beloved fish. Be sure to checkout the Getting Started with Repashy Superfoods videos below.

$9.00 for 2oz
$18.00 for 5.3oz
$27.00 for 8oz
$45.00 for 16oz
$65.00 for 32oz
$95.00 for 64oz

Buy Online:

$2.95 Lettermail for 8 oz and under
$1.95 lettermail for 4 oz and under
XpressPost also available
Again use coupon code AROMEMBER to get FREE shipping! (free shipping only via regular mail)

2oz of gel powder makes approx. 1lb of food!

YouTube Videos:


Community Plus
This fresh and saltwater formula is our “I want one food for everything” answer that contains a balanced combination of aquatic animal, algae, yeast, and plant ingredients. It is a great choice for a tank with a wide variety of species. It features whole krill meal as the primary ingredient, which is one of the most widely accepted feed ingredients available anywhere. Everybody loves krill, which also contains high levels of chitin that are beneficial for fin development. Community Plus has moderate protein levels to reduce water fouling and satisfy the needs of a wide variety of species.


Meat Pie
The Meat Pie formula is extremely high in bio-available protein (>55%), and designed for fresh and saltwater carnivores and scavengers. It includes whole sardine meal, whole squid meal, and whole krill meal as its primary ingredients. Meat Pie replicates protein levels of whole aquatic organisms such as fish, crustaceans, insects, and mollusks as a staple diet for carnivores. Plus, it’s great as an occasional treat or for conditioning omnivorous species for breeding or after transport. Meat Pie is also perfect for use in reptiles and amphibians such as various carnivorous species of turtles, newts, and lizards.


Shrimp Soufflé
This fresh and saltwater “scavenger formula” is an omnivore formula specifically designed for aquatic and semi-aquatic invertebrates and mollusk eaters. Shrimp Soufflé is high in calcium, and has double the carotenoid levels of the other Repashy Gel formulas to provide essential nutrients for a strong exoskeleton and great coloration. Omnivorous species of shrimps, crabs, and crayfish, as well as many species of loaches have an extremely high attraction to mollusks, therefore whole squid (a mollusk) is the primary ingredient in this formula to maximize palatability. It has moderate levels of proteins from a combination of algae, aquatic animals, green plants, and yeast to replicate the diverse diet of scavenging species. Shrimp Soufflé is also ideal for omnivorous species, particularly as a color enhancer because of its higher carotenoid levels.


Soilent Green
This fresh and saltwater formula is labeled for “aufwuchs” eaters. Aufwuchs is a combination of green algae, diatoms, and small plants, along with tiny organisms such as insect larvae, crustaceans, rotifers, protozoans, and snails that live with them on the surface of hard substrates such as rocks. Many species of fish such as Mbuna cichlids, various plecos and gobies are specialized to feed on aufwuchs by scraping hard surfaces for whatever nutrients they can find. These species do eat a lot of low-caloric algae, but it is the small meaty treats that they relish and what really makes them grow and thrive. Soilent Green is a no-expense-spared blend of algae (25% of formula), combined with the highest quality whole aquatic animal ingredients, to provide a perfect balance of plant and aquatic animal proteins. Soilent Green is perfect for more herbivorous fish, shrimps, crabs, and snails.
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I've got some hungry baby Geophagus winemilleri that are always looking for new foods to try. I look forward to giving this new product a trial. :)


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the meat pie will be PERFECT for them. just drop a good size chunk in and let them pick away at it all day long.


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Hey Now!

Rich's a great guy to deal with!...Although I'm not a pleco guy myself...if I was...i'd be calling Rich!


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Just thought you guys might like to know that the Vancouver Aquarium is feeding Repashy Superfoods to their fish now. If that doesn't say something about the quality of the food I don't know what does.


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Stock levels have been all topped up again. I have 32oz right through to the small sizes in stock ready to go out.

Special for any ArowanaClub members, will do free shipping if you order 8oz size or larger. PM for details.


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If your looking to save some money and buy volume now you can!

i just got in a few 64 oz bags! Yep they are massive! The distributer finally got some in so I picked up a few to see how they do.

64 oz = $95 ea (I have all kinds except shrimp soufflé)
32 oz = $65 ea (I have all kinds except shrimp soufflé)

Again use coupon code AROMEMBER to get FREE shipping!