Roll of Filter Floss


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Prices (firm)
- single roll: $65.
- 2 rolls: $60 each.
- 3 rolls or more: $50 each.

Length: 95 - 100 feet per roll
Width: about 12 inches
Thickness: about 1 inch

Available time: in 3 weeks - 1 month

I haven't find a way to ship outside of Toronto. For the time being, this is for local sale only.

PM me if are interested.

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sponge is a better option. filter floss have the tends to clog up quick. But the price is good for that quantity.
Good Luck with your SALE!!


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filter floss captures debris much better then sponge though and polishes the water twice as good.... They do clog up quick but that's because it's working and cleaning the water..imho


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Updates: Filter Floss will be available starting from the coming Wednesday (Feb 24).

For Toronto hobbyist, I will drop off a roll of filter floss as you saw in the photo.

For non-Toronto hobbyists, I can try to ship it out BUT I need to cut a roll of filter floss in several portions in order to fit in a box.

Shipping cost is at the expense of non-Toronto buyer.

Thanks. :)