Santa Isabel Angelfish Order... Guaging Interest

The first shipment of discus that I brought in from Dexter Chung has been very well received and I'm currently in the process of putting together another shipment from him which will be here within a few weeks. In addition to discus he also has some F2 Santa Isabel Angelfish available this time around. They are 2" total length and being F2 means that their grandparents were wild caught. For those not familiar with Santa Isabel Angels they are generally considered one of the nicer wild type variants of Pterophyllum scalare and are seldom available for purchase, even rarer and often pricier than Altums. Thankfully these captive bred specimens are much easier on the pocketbook at only $40ea. Anyone interested in ordering please contact me with the quantity that you would be interested in so that I can plan accordingly. [email protected]