Sharing my Asian Aros


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Hi Guys,

My 2nd post in the forum. :)

Sharing a couple of my red Asian arowana.

So sorry for the poor video taken.

Please give me your comments.

Thanks for viewing.

Here is the link:

1st aro:

2nd aro:


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Hi Bro Aliff,

First of all, have to get a red with good genes followed by the keeper's grooming. :)

And also, the least worry a keeper has over the Aro, the better the Aro can thrive and developed. :)

For me basically 3 things are a must:

1. Heater
2. Aquarium salt
3. Chlorine remover, I do not know if the water condition in Canada is similar to what I am having in Singapore. :)


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Thanks for the kind comments Bros. :)

Glad you like it. :)

The first piece has a very high potential to be a full block red as you can see, the inner core of the scale is turning red. :)


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The oldest fish with me now is 3.5 years old max. Size: 22inches. With me for coming to 3 years now when I bought it as a 6 incher in Jul 2011.

All my fishes are just 6 inches when I got them.

My biggest size fish is at 24 inches. With me for 2 years plus.


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The videos look great. Just wondering why you are using salt and what ratio? Is it for bacterial issues the fish has had in the past?

Hi Buddy,

The light usage of salt is to calm the Aro down, or rather, helps in stabilizing them.

If heavy dosage, it is for treatment. :)

Hope it helps. :)