Shipping 3 jumbo monster ST's


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These guys are in transit (probably over Thunder Bay...) as I write. I sure hope they all make it. I did my best.

These fish have been part of the local hobby scene in Vancouver for a LONG time. I'll leave it to others to comment on who owned them when, etc. Notice the Panda Gold XB in one of the photos. That fish is over 5 years of age, was brought in on the very first Dragonfish import. :)

So, enjoy the photos, salute the hobbyist who raised these ST's. And wish them luck! :)


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Theo, I noticed you used contractor bags to ship. I used to use them but the airlines now make me open the box and look. Whats the secret?


Arowana blogger
I know most of the shipper guys now. They know me as the Dragonfish guy, we joke around, but they trust I know what I am doing. Also, Westjet cost me and Kenta thousands of dollars a few years back by losing our fish. I remind them of this regularly. :rolleyes:

I actually think I am now more demanding of them than they are of me :)

Also, those fish were quadruple bagged with 3mm heavy duty bags.