Show your very first tank(s) / fish!!!


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Found some really old pictures. Dated back 2001-2003. I just started to like monster fish after keeping goldfish in a 10 gallon for some time.

This 75 gallon was my first ever "monster tank" since keeping a 33 gallon for some time. Both tanks I got from Big Als at that time.

When I got monster aquarium fish, i started with piranhas, cichlids, followed by arwoana and stingray.

We all started with humble beginnings. Lets see some of those really OLD pictures!

Excuse the terrible pics. These are pictures of pictures!





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Best I can do is 2007 even though I started keeping fish 1991 with a 20 gallon tank. I will check the photo albums but that may take a while. LOL

180 gallon tank

230 gallon tank

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