Special Project Number One


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Okay, let's see if we can help James out to get his fish in to Vancouver from Edmonton! :)

I will try phoning a couple people in Edmonton and also send out some pms/emails...


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Hey James,

Sure I can do that, I wanted to go take a look myself actually. Anything you guys want me to watch / look for? I"ll try to setup a time with the seller this weekend.

James Sananikone

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Thanks Theo, this's a great idea.

I feel like entering into a VIP room here ... :)

I hope we will be able to see the photo of the breeding pair from our brothers From Edmonton soon.

I wished to have a honest comments, Good or Bad doesn't matter, as long as they are straight from your experience. The cost of the pair plus shipping will be over $4000.

Plus the tank set up will cost another $6000, we talk about a $10000 budget here... :)

If It's really worth it, I will go for it, If not ... I'm still OK. :p

James Sananikone

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Thanks Eddio,

Nice talking to you brother, Tony is a real gentlemen, he run a fastfood restaurant and he is of only on Saturday, I already told him that a friend will contact him to take some photos for me and he doesn't mind. He also have a nice com. tank too. Ask if you can take photos of his com. tank and share with us... Regards, James


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Just spoke with him over the phone, haha he told me someone put the fish on "hold" but can still view the fish and some smaller guys he has.

I'm busy at work right now, or I would go! So I told him I"ll call him again in the morning and prob should have some pics for you Sunday evening. (I work Saturdays as well =( )

To be honest James, I have 0 experience with asian arowana except with silvers, jardinis and such. But I've been fish keeping for over 10 years now and can easily spot out if something's wrong. Will definitely let you know!

James Sananikone

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Eddio, I got some photos from Tony, but they are small, If you don't mind, I would like to have a very close up of the fish in bigger format. He told me the female have a gill cure that he cut them out and they are growing back, she also missing one barbel as well.

The super red looks fine, but if we could have a closer look, with and without flash, that will give our a clear idea of those fish.

Take as much as you can, so more details... Thanks you so much in advance.

Theo, I also need your special eyes and experience in this particular case.
I might be good in business, but how to handle fishes... I'm absolutly blank out...

Thanks guys.


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We need to get all the photos posted here if possible. As a group, there are some serious aro keepers here who should be able to provide a good judgement I think. We just need the photos/video to see... :)

James Sananikone

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Here are the photos that I got from Tony,

They are small and not very clear, that's the reason why I did not post the photos yet. Hoping the set from Eddio will be bigger and more close up look.

What do you think... Not just say they are looking ok. Comment about the whole thing, this is a breeding pair ! :confused:

It's time to give a straight comments now, not after It will be too late ! :eek:

Especialy for the Super Red, because he is the father. :)


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Hey James,

Just got back from Tonys place (LONG drive!!) So I got some pictures (theyre terrible pictures, very hard to get a good shot as they were pretty active and swimming around!) They seem to have quite a good personality and would swim towards you. I took a 30 second video of them which I will upload later for you.

Tony told me the HBRTG laid eggs once but dont think the male had the right timing with the sperm so he didnt pick up the eggs / fertilize them. That was 4 months ago.

Took a close shot of the HBRTGs gills as well, its recovering pretty nicely, but Im not arowana expert, so have a look for yourself later.

The HBRTG I wasnt too impressed with, but I quite liked the super red! Body looked very dense and colour was awesome as well. No signs of any injuries and such. He is about 24 inches.

Also took a video of his community tank. I would have to say the xback he had looked the best, they were about 1 year old 10 - 12 inches.

I will post my videos later!

James Sananikone

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Thanks Eddio,

I'm so excited to see the video, and pictures that you took.
In your opinion, it's a good investment or not. :confused:

Is The colour of the Super Red is red or orange. How about the intensity of the Red colour.

Let's share your hard work with all our expert and get their comments.

Thanks again, If there's anything that I can do for you in return, just let me know. :)



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Definitely not the best red arowana I have seen. It is orange. It is good investment if you really want to try and breed, they seem very healthy and its very rare to get them paired up like that. No fighting evidence on the bodies of the arowanas.

He also told me you have until Monday to decide because 2 other people in Edmonton want to buy it. He said hes debating whether to ship it off or not, cuz I would imagine it would be pretty difficult.


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Someone emailed me recently about buying a 22 inch DFI Super Red from a pet store in Calgary; the fish was 3-4 years old and not in perfect shape. The person bought the fish for an asking price of $1500.

I look forward to seeing the video that Edwin took of the pair of aros. It is hard to say what they are worth. Judging from the photos they are not worth so much individually, it is the fact they have paired that makes them unique.
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The pictures are pretty bad I apologize. They kept swimming around and was hard for me to get a still upclose picture.

The video should do though. Got my brother to upload it for me on youtube since I wasn't sure if it'd fit here as an attachment. Press HQ for higher quality.

Here you go:
Paired aros:


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James Sananikone

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Thank you so much Edwin, You did a fantastic job brother :)

In my opinion, Both fish look fine and reflected the asking price... and I'm still considering a good deal.

The Female HBRTG.

The the only defect on the female is the gillcurb, which it's healing, so she will be fine later on. she got a nice spoon head, No DE, No PLJ.
The shine not strong but up to fifth row, very good for a HBRTG.
She reached a good potential for her size, 23" raised up in an aquarium,
I wished my XB and my BBXB will reach that size some day.

The Super Red Male.

He got a nice body shape, Excellent size 24-25" for having been raised in aquarium. No defect, no DE, no PLJ or very little, which hard to fine.
The colour is so so ... with a NAN light he will look a lot nicer. Got red Check,
red fins and tail, Red on the body more orangeeee .... but considered as very acceptable for the asking price.

If I was in Edmonton I would buy them, and take a chance to be part of the exceptional aro keepers that could breed in the tank in North America.
My concern is We don't know what could happen in the shipping and handling
process... and I really hesitated... and I don't feel comfortable...:eek:

In many time that I have to take that kind of decision, I always follow my intuition... and my feeling right now is NO. It's not really worth it to take that chance... Not much money, but a lot of investment in time that might end up with more lost than win at the long run ...:(

A little bit long, but I considered important to share the reason of my decision with all brothers. If any brother is interested to take the chance, we still have until Monday March 23th. There is two others offer in line...

I have to confirm the owner of the pair by tomorrow ...:)

Many thanks to Theo and Edwin for your precious help...

Regards, James


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I just got an email from a fellow in Edmonton who said the following:

Also, I sent you a reply on the breeding pair, I saw Tony's pair about a year ago, the male had GC. He said the female laid eggs but the male didn't know what to do. I hope it's not a case of inferior genetics but I guess time will tell.

Great work Edwin! Good luck in making your decision James. :)


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I just heard from someone in Edmonton who said they sold a few hours ago.

I think this was a succesful "project number one". We cooperated across several provinces, shared information, and tried to help one another out - exactly what a club should be all about. :)

James Sananikone

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I don't think the pair has been sold yet, If yes Tony probably call and inform me before completing the transaction. I have been dealing with many asian guys, the promise and honesty is extremely important... for me as well.

I almost book my plan ticket to Edmonton to see the pair by myself. But very lucky that Edwin was there for me. If none of our brother has interest in this pair. I will officially inform Tony of my decision and let poeple in line to close up the deal.

I'm happy for the new lucky owner of the pair, It is exceptionnal to have a pair of Dragon fish in your house :)

Tony told me that he has a friend in Malasia that shipped fish to him...
Will might lear a lot about Malasia from this gentlemen too.

Keep in touch Brother :)

Thanks again Theo and Edwin.


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No problem James, I try to help out when / if I can! It as pretty neat to see them myself. Though I hope the pair goes to someone who knows what they're doing! Tony told me one of the 2 guys that were interested had no experience in fish keeping! =S We should try and find out who he sold it to, would be interesting if the male grab the eggs the next time the female lay eggs.


Tony told me they were sold when I called him Sunday morning, so I don't know if he was talking about you James. But as far as the surgery on the females gill, it was to remove GC, that was well over a year ago, the pictures look the same as when I saw it last, so I don't think the gill will ever recover to normal.

Tony has some SR's that he was asking $1800 for last year when they were just 9 inches. You have to ask yourself why he would sell a breeding pair for only $4000. Just something to consider, brother.

James Sananikone

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Thanks brother, I didn't buy the pair, they are probably sold by now. :)

As I mentioned, It's fair enough for the asking price versus the the quality of the fish. The reason I didn't go for it is my feeling, I just don't feel confortable to complete this transaction... If by any chance you meet Tony let him know that I really appreciated his courtesy.

I just want to let all you guys know that I'm so proud to have opportunity to meet all of you in this forum... including all your precious tips and informations, especialy Edwin in this case :)

Theo is absolutely right, that's what the club is all about... :)

We are all from different background, different Education, but join by the same passion is Arowana or simply Fish.