Spring 2016 order!


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Here are some videos of the actual fish arriving, listed by chip number:

7-8 inch fish (below)

8-9 inch fish (below)

10-12 inch fish (below)

12-13 inch fish (below)



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The certs are in, aros are ready to land. I am working to have the fish land on a day that works for all of the buyers in this order.

I look to have one smaller fish left in this order. Contact me at [email protected] for details.


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Fish land next week.

Fish are coming in larger than expected, pricing is affected. Emails have been sent out.


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This order is done!

Phew, what an odyssey.

First, here is what you do not want to see when you pick up fish - wet boxes! :

This meant that for trans-shipping purposes I had to really think hard and problem solve. Westjet would not allow me to use such boxes. Unfortunately I did not have any other boxes at hand, and so I had to post-pone some shipping, take all the fish home, babysit overnight, dry out and rebuild the boxes (see attached photos), and then re-ship the next day. I suppose my 10+ years of experience in this business pays off in such situations. It is also a good thing I have almost 1000 gallons of tank space at home for use.

The good news is that the water was not due to leaking fish bags, but rather to the use of ice-cubes (!) by the shipper. The shipper tells me this is common practice in the business. Maybe when you are shipping from Singapore to Thailand or the Philippines you need to worry of such things, but not when shipping to Canada. Here heat packs are usually the import add on. :)

In any case, the fish landed fine and are all in the care of their new owners now. Check out a couple of the beauties I babysat:


and hopefully in a few years under the expert care of their new owners the fish above will look like:

And so there you have it - the conclusion of another successful order.

Congratulations to all the owners of the "new" fish - you have done well! Good luck to all!


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Glad things worked out for you and the fish. I saw your video on YouTube and that would have given me a heart attack.