Taiwan Trip 2011

Taiwan LFS (Kaohsiung City & Pingtung County). i didnt spend too much time in taipei to visit LFS but was initially going to visit Woodysun. I guess ill have to go during my next trip next yr. saw lots of aros, a few rays, fh, pbass. there was a big selection of aro books and stingray books that i couldnt resist not buying lol. also saw pnts going for around $30 usd. lol.

Last 2 pond pics are my gfs dad's koi pond. 5th floor (rooftop) of their house. story behind it was it wasnt cleaned for 10 years! i couldnt help but build a DIY filter for him and clean out his pond while i was there. to my surprise, i found around 6 big koi in there after i removed all the dirt! just imagine 10 yrs of dirt buildup lol. no feeding/water changes for 10 yrs and they still managed to stay alive. well all are happy now with clean water and are eating fine! my guess is because of the big tree in the middle of the pond. that must have oxygenated the water and the decaying leaves probably was enough to sustain the fish for 10 yrs! they werent skin or bones either lol. have a look below of the 2 white kois. they were 2 of the 6 that survied.


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