tank bottom


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Are there certain types of tiles that are safe to put on the bottom of a tank? I dont want to put gravel on the bottom and want the bottom to be dark colour. I was thinking of ceramic tiles but want to make sure if they will be ok for the water. I would prefer tiles to painting the tank.


This is a great question I have been wnting to do this in my pleco tanks and large pred tank but have not because I am scared of toxins that might be in the tiles. I have even called the companys that make them and they say we dont know. What the hell is that. I used to work at Home depot that is how I got the numbers of all the suppliers they have. Not one knew they said apart from we dont know you can try it and find out. What idiots.


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There was a guy on waterwolves that used ceramic tiles. It looked great



I also know that Kenta had tile in his tank, I'm not sure if it was ceramic though


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I had rock/slate tile on my first fishtank. I got them from home depot but they're not the ceramic type. Can't really remember what they where called but they're 10"X10" in size and about 1/2 inch thick. They look like rocks that were cut to that size