Truly a supreme tiger!


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Does anyone remember my post back in December, where my 2" tiger had a gaping hole in his head? I'd talked about putting him down for a while, but since he was still eating well, I decided not to.

Well the gaping hole turned into a zit and back into a bigger hole and... ... ... until finally it turned into a huge gaping hole and stayed that way for, oh... 6 months? Well about a week ago or so, I looked at his head and another zit was forming. I thought, "oh geez, here we go again. I knew I should have been more vigilant on water changes!" But a day later, the pimple had gone away and scales were seemingly growing where the hole had once been.

2 days later and all that remained was a small dimple; 5 or so and the dimple was gone. So now I have a ~3" tiger, which eats ~40-70 hikari sinking carnivore pellets per sitting. He's quite the beast, and I'll take photos soon--and before I move...


PS. Ever since he started eating pellets, I can almost see daily size growth. It's amazing to see him the fastest growing fish in my tank--even seemingly faster than the aro!


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Unfortunately I've encountered another camera problem...

I was just trying to take pics, and noticed there was a fly buzzing around. Well the fly turns out to be inside my DSLR; not only that, but not just in the lens, but the viewfinder itself. I'm not sure how I'm going to approach this yet. I can't just go letting it stay there, but I've no money to fix it...