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I will be going on vacation for 7 days.
wondering if it would be ok to leave my young aro (6"-7") in the dark with out feeding for this long.
or should i try to get some one to feed?
this is really hard as my fishy neighbor has since moved away to maple ridge.


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Its a small aro. Should be fine for 7 days but not recommended. Add some clean feeder fish for him to eat as he pleases while you are away.


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7 days isn't that long for an arowana. My big XB has scarcely eaten since Dec 2011. He only ate 3 worms all summer. Any uneaten pellets could contaminate the water. I would get someone to check on him but he can do without food. Feed slightly larger portions before you leave and do a water change and he should be fine.

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Just as Mike mentioned I would suggest putting a bunch of feeder fish for him to eat as he needs over the 7 days. As mentioned a light on a timer is a must in my opinion.