Win two trips to Singapore!


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Wow! The owner of Dreamfish has launched a new social media site and is determined to make people notice:

The contest runs from: ( 2/1/13 at 1:00 AM - 4/30/13 at 1:00 AM )

PRIZE: Two way ticket with 2 nights accommodation to visit
Aquarama 2013 in Singapore.

Rules And Regualtions:

1. Participants must submit photos of MerLion Arowana only on
or before Date and Time.

2. This competition is open to all MerlionArowana members
except the panel of judges.

3. Entries are to be submitted to Name at e-mail address.

4. Participants may participate in both categories.

5. Each participant may submit a maximum of 2 photographs per
fish in each category.

6. Regardless of the number of entries submitted by a participant,
he or she will only stand to win only one prize in each category.

7. Entry must be the sole, original and unpublished work of the

8. Any submission containing or implying pornographic,
slanderous, obscene or vulgar content shall be disqualified.

9. Entries are to be submitted in digital image, JPEG format with
resolution no less than 640 pixels and no more than 2000
pixels on the longer side. Photos can be in colour, black and
white, including but not limited to abstract, impressionistic,
various tints, an element of the face, etc. let your imagination
be your guide.

10. No borders or frames, watermarks, signatures, or copyright
notices may be added to images. All winning images will be
posted with the photographer's name and nick.

11. Permitted modifications:

i) Images may be cropped and rotated as necessary as long
as the rectangular format is maintained and the size is
within the specifications above.

ii) Images may be resized as long as the aspect ratio is

iii) Red-eye removal and spot editing.

iv) One-step enhancement (such
as "AutoFix", "QuickFix", "Auto Levels", etc.)

v) Use of filters to sharpen, soften, blur, despeckle, or
remove noise.

vi) Use of corrective functions to improve the natural
appearance of the image, such as levels, contrast,
brightness, curves, intensity, tone, hue, saturation,
lightness, value, color balance, and tint.

12. Each entry must be accompanied by a caption of not more
than 100 words on what the photo represents in any

13. Submission of the photograph grants MerlionArowana the
right to use the photograph in it media, including but not
limited to its website, marketing materials, or upcoming
books and video. Any photograph selected to be used in that
way would be done so with proper attribution to the

14.The competition will be judged by a panel of judges appointed
by Merlion Arowana. The decision of the judges shall be final.

15. Entry will be judges for its originality, creativity, content and

16. In the event that the competition is postponed, shortened or
extended due to any cause whatsoever beyond the control of
the organizer, the organizer shall not be held responsible for
any loss sustained by the participant, directly, or indirectly,
attributed to the elements of nature, force majeure or orders
and directives imposed by any government¡'s authority.

17. Prize winners will be notified by email or phone.

( 2/1/13 at 1:00 AM - 4/30/13 at 1:00 AM )

You can explore the rest of the new Merlion social media site here:



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Damn!...forgot about Aquarama 2013 in Singapore this year....I'm heading to Malaysia in March for the GP so I guess I'll miss it!...only if it was closer together I'd pop over!....

Contest for Canadians?


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Yeah, sure would be great if the contest was only open for Canadians as the odds would be extremely good! :) This contest is open to keepers of Dreamfish all over the world I believe.

Maybe we should have a big contest open for Canadians though...must give it some serious thought...