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So this is kind of a funny story. A couple weeks ago an old customer of mine from 4 years ago contacted me to say he had lost the certificate for a Dreamfish gold tail emerald (yellow tail) he bought through me. He lives about an hour away by car and so we had to coordinate a time for me to visit. When I mentioned that some veterinarians have chip readers he said he would check with a nearby one so as to save me the travel time. I also told him that on occasion the chip can fall out of an aro as it grows up.

When the veterinarian was not able to read a chip in the fish using his chip reader, they decided to take an X-ray to see if it was still there. Sure enough, it was there. It turned out the vet's chip reader used a different frequency than that used by the chip in the aro. After all that trouble, I made my way out to the customer's place and did the chip read using my chip reader. All worked out fine and the fish is now on its way to a new owner. i will be providing a replacement certificate with my next order.

The X-ray photo (note chip in shoulder), along with a few photos I took of the fish are attached below.

This is the first time I have ever seen an X-ray of an Asian arowana :)


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