300 gallon setup


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Well, I had went through many troubles with tenecor last year,
with three times delay over 4 months and missing silencers that never send to me, also problem with shipping and delivery.
I wrote on this forum that if I can choose again I won't go for tenecor.

Yup....Howard and I ordered our tanks the same time...i too had issues from them getting back to me took months to get the tank and then all the hassle with delivery. They too missed silencers for my tank but did end up sending them after I pretty much screamed, screamed and screamed some more. When we spend the kind of coin we spent which included a sump system and cabinets all from Tenecor...it sure sucks to see the type of customer services...lesson learned....

Good luck on your new tank mike.

I might be looking around for some smaller 4ft x 18-20" high x 36" wide tanks for future pups..


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if this order goes well. i will announce the new company that im dealing with. so far very professional and very good communication!!!

i will have another build thread to promote the new company soon!


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i was looking at the tank again and just pulled out the feeding tube for the first time to take a look at it. since i got another tank made, i want a feeding hole but a cover instead of a tube going into the water so my arowana doesnt hurt himself. here are some pics of the feeder tube. pics clearly this shows who ever made the tank has no skill. sure you can send off a messed up feeder hole but to send a tank that has the exact same chip on the corner!? hahaha. what an amateur!

goes to show that the employee does not care about assembling broken parts!!!

heres the pics of the corner chip. same size/corner ship. if they cant even properly make a feeding tube, how can they can be trusted to make an entire tank! doesnt this chip look exactly like the one on the 300 they sent to me!????????????????????????? how can this be "shipping" !??? lol