315 Gallon Setup - TITAN AQUATIC!!!


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Ok so here is my 300 gallon build thread # 2.

This is the link to thread #1. The disappointing tank I received from Tenecor.

As many of you guys know, after the disappointing tank that i received from Tenecor a few weeks back, I sold the tank and re-ordered another 315 gallon from another tank manufacturer. I went with Titan Aquatics. (More info about this company will be given once i receive my tank). All I can say is that they have been great so far. Great communication and they're even sending me updated pics of the tank construction process from their facility!!! Step by step!!!

I'm hoping I can get them to jump on board AROCLUB and offer higher quality custom acrylic tanks to us!!! I should be able to setup group buys from them in the near future!!! Stay tuned!!!

Here are the specs once again:
- 315 Gallon Titan Aquatic 7x3x2 - Thicker 3/4 inch Acrylic all around. (unlike tenecor's standard .5 inch acrylic!!!)
- Custom Sump is slighty under 150 gals (5 feet long x 2 feet wide x 20 inches high 129.32 gallons)
- Custom wooden stand
- 2 quiet one 9000s
- Koralia Magnum 8 Powerhead
- Jehmco 1000w heater and controller
- Coralife Turbo Twist UV 36 watt.
- x2 Compact Flo 36 inch

I have finally moved out my existing 210 gallon setup yesterday and put my 300 gallon stand and sump in place. I'll be working on the plumbing this weekend so when the tank arrives, itll just be plug and play!!!

Here is the fabrication process so far: Enjoy the build pics!!!







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Way to go Mike, I think you are going to be very satisfied this time.

Nice to see the clown/aro/dat/rays looking good in the ol' blue tank. :)


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thanks guys. yea im hoping ill finally get the dream tank soon enough!

ive always been a fan of the blue background! the new tank is going to be blue back as well. black bottom acrylic though!

loach is doing well. this guys always hungry!


I will follow this thread closely, I am still deciding between acrylic and glass. I can get a starfire tank made here cheaper but I definitely wouldn't be moving it around very easily.

Would you mind posting or pm'ing me the landed price once it arrives?




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right on man , looks like these guys know what they are doing !! ill be watching for a group buy as well ...


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thanks! i have high hopes for this tank! im well overdue to setup my tank. im off to asia soon and i need this cycled with my rays in there before i leave!

i designed the sump and got a local fish tank manufacturer to make it for me. its a bit of a copy of the megaflow 4 for the intake into the sump and the rest are just reg chambers. 1st chamber houses bacteria house. 2nd will be bio film/moving bed filter and the 3rd i will store all the old media from my old tank (ceramic rings and crush coral). after its cycled, i will be switching the 3rd compartment to house more bio film media and put crush coral in the smaller compartments.

here are some pics of the stand and sump during production just incase someone needs these pics for their own build! if you are interested and local in vancouver bc, i can refer you to the manufacturer.













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those slots at the front and open back will save you from getting a big headache...mine's close and the heat generating is crazing...I did cut some bad holes in the back where no one can see to help with the heat problem.


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i copied the door slit design from N30, a tank manufacturer in singapore. for the back of the tank, i made sure i had cut outs done so its easier to feed my wirings etc. also for ventilation!


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very professionally done....

all the best with the new tank!

looking forward to your final setup.