Another DIY filter..... with video of it in action


I made another filter this weekend... this is the same design as the one i made for my acrylic tank...same dimentions as well. Identical really, besides a few minor changes that make the filter a bit better functioning and more stream lined... Since i didnt post a video of it mine, i thought i would post one of this one as they function and look the same.... The video is it in action as well as explaining how it works....

This filter is not for me, it was made for a friend.....



thats nice work.

this filter cost less than fx5?

total cost;
ALL the acrylic = $202....
egg crate= $18
Cement/applicator= about $15

So total cost for this build, if starting with no supplies was $235...completed

A new FX5 retails for $369 here... when on sale, they are $299... sometimes $269... thats why i claim it is cheaper for me anyway.

An FX5 holds 5.9 litres of media.. mine holds 95-100 litres... an fx5 would not even come close to accomplishing what this filter can. It was a no brainer for me... FX5s are over rated in my opinion... just a big mechanical filter....It does do a nice job of polishing the water, but my compliments for that filter stop there.


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i agree, i'll take your sump over the FX5 anyday.

$369 for FX5!!!! everthing cost more in the maritimes, except for lobster.


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very nice work there!...I should have gotten you to build me a custom that's low and side...very nice work


I might be building another filter soon, with a different design. I'll post it here when i do.

Chen id love to build you a filter, but i fear shipping costs would not make this filter very cost effective. I have built 2 just like this one so far, one for myself, and one for Justin like he said.

I am one day soon going to get the right tools to build these alot better than i currently can, which will cut down alot on overall cost of the filter, and the acrylic as well..

When that happens, i will start building/shipping them on demand perhaps..


Chen, next time the lady drives home she could bring one for you if Joey decides to build you one? She's from Guelph, but I'm sure guys could meet somewhere. Unfortunately you just missed her. She left last week.


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Thank guys! I would like to get a custom one built!'s the BIG BUT!...the sump can only enter through the ends of my tank! and to do that I will have to empty the tank! and then get 5-6 guys to push the tank out and slide out the current sump and slide in the new! :) sigh....the one I have will have to do for now! ....