arowana no cert


Has anyone heard about selling Red tail without cert? I came across a store in TO that has these arowana's for sale.


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Pardon the pun, but something sounds "fishy". By law the fish have to have certificates.


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TO or Markham? a couple of stores in Markham area has been known to sell some of their aros with no cert. With some of the stores in Markham I'd be suspicious even if they have certs since they are so easily reproduced!


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It is illegal to import Asian arowana if the fish were imported without going through the CITES permit application process. If the fish were imported legally, then they should have certificates. I have heard stories in the past of a certain farm not providing the certificates along with a shipment, and of a store going through great trouble to try and get the certificates from the farm, but didn't get them in the end.


I know there are some buyers out there who don't mind owning an aro w/o a cert. I'm not one of those buyers. If I'm dropping my hard-earned cash on an expensive fish that can-- and should, by law-- be implanted with an RFID tag and an accompanying certificate of authenticity, not having a cert is a deal breaker for me.


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An arowana doesn't need to have a cert to be legal. It only needs to have a registered passive transponder with CITES/AVA. The only certificate that matters are the import/export CITES papers that are not required to be with the fish in Canada. The cert that accompanies most arowana is to verify farm of last handling and the fish's tag number.