Brachyplatystoma flavicans

i heard that they are shy and sensetive, anyone have experience with
this species.

usually the size i found at toronto is 5cm priced around $250.



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yep very shy and sensitive ,
they ram into the glass when scared ..
thats how mine died.
very nice to look at tho.
would def pick up another piece if i had the chance,
pretty rare .
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ive never kept one but im sure like any big cats, they can be converted to pellets. i had a tigrinus that took massivore. so its not impossible i would think? just need a little bit of patience!



anyone with experience? about feeding, can it be train to accept pellet, or MP.


Howard I had one for a long time. Not really the coolest cat around. They are very shy and VERY skittish. Mine was so skittish it would bang its head into the glass every time I tried to feed it from a stick to get it off live. Honestly I know pellets arent impossible for anything however I think you would have your work cut out for you on these guys. It took me 8 months to get mine off live and that was the end of it. MP for sure. Mine loved them when on them.

If your thinking about them in your big tank I would say take a pass. They dont do well with tank mates however mine lived with some pims and did ok.


They grow slow for sure. Similar to a Tigrinus, or Jurense. I dont think it matters on your feeding method. They grow like a pim
i am above to get a 6inches one, that is the largest i can find in the market now.
maybe acquire brachyplatystoma filmentosum as well.