Cichla Kelberi at Toronto

the first shipment to toronto is at Lucky's aquarium, there are 20's of it.
around 3.5inches.

it is quite expensive, but Jim said it is from champion bloodline, and he posted
a picture of the parents, F1 capitive breed.

i wonder if anyone at Toronto had bought Kelberi from Lucky.
i agree that the price is steep, however all the capitive breed came in that size.
China even put it on sale on march size 1.5inches.
i talk down the price to $300 with Jim, and i believe that Lucky wont put their name
by selling wrong fish.
i have this guy for almost 5weeks, its around 4.5inches


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i bought six of them from lucky aquarium, and their colour start to show with black background, kelberi has more golden colour compare to other type of peacock bass.
it is the same batch i bought, but my is 2/3 size bigger now, and more colour because i put them in black background, i put two into tank without any background and the colour become pale. you can talk to Jim with price if you purchase with two or more
other aquarium store like golden ocean said they can get kelberi too, but they said it 3 months ago, and they still dont have it. and i had contacted belowwater, but wild caught kelberi is on ban list.

the price will definitly drop if other aquarium import them, but i believe capitve breed kelberi are all sold out from taiwan
i am curious to know, who have these kelberi peacock bass, and how did you keep them,
feeding, background colour???

i have bought about 6 from Lucky in the summer, and i put 6 of them in the black background and with low light 24/7, another 3 i put them with light blue background without light. 2 months later the 3 with light blue background show no colour development at all. So i guess the tricks is the background colour, but does lighting 24/7 helps? i dont know.

i feed them with floating pellets.