Discus Group Buy?


Hey guys,

I have had a lot of people locally bug me about bringing in discus, both wild caught and tank bred. I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in doing a group buy from either Oliver, or a Discus breeder?

I'm going to bug Oliver about quantity discounts on a few different species and then maybe we can look into discus breeders form there?


Justin Morash


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The cheap Thai discus are available through the Bangkok catalogue I posted earlier in this password-prtotected forum. In my experience these fish come in pretty nice, but unsorted. There can be a sliding scale of quality. But the prices are phenomenal.

Next up comes Singapore and the breeders who actually have a good name. Gan discus is one idea. I visited his farm (he does some aros too), and was pretty impressed. He was one of the fathers of Singapore discus back in the 1970's, pretty much built his name around them, and in the process got Sinapore on the map as a supply for discus. I should be able to get a catalogue from him no problem.

Then there are the German breeders. I don't have any first hand knowledge on them.

For now, I will email Gan and see what kind of catalogue I can get. :)


Not too interested in discus myself, but I may have access to some WC fish from a South American contact.

I'm curious to hear Olivers prices first, though.

What variants are your contacts out east interested in, Justin?


I'm asking around now. I personally like the idea of wild caught individuals. Most tank bred variants are available in pet stores anywhere for a decent price. However it's tough to get wild caught discus. I also think that most wild discus are prettier than the captive bred variants (that's just my opinion though haha)

I will get back to you guys about what kind of discount we can get from Oliver.


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Oliver has some very nice Discus...I was about to get some from him a while back but settled on something else....

I've always liked Discus and in groups...