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Small dot on both eyes in the same location. On the retina, I'm guessing? It's not on the surface of the eye, that's for sure. Will this go away eventually?

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Hi Gerry, could this be the start of cloudy eye? I had this happen to my very first arowana and I wasnt sure if it was a bacteria problem or low ph. It started out very small then progressed into both eyes being so milky. I was told at the time to use melafix which some people will say is just snake oil but it worked for me...I would use this with caution. I would certainly just do bi-weekly water changes and salt first and see if that works before trying anything else. Both my aros eyes cleared up after couple months. Good luck and keep us udated!



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Hey Randy, how's it going? Thanks for the reply.

I doubt very much it's the start of cloudy eye but who knows. I guess only time will tell. My water changes are 50% weekly and he eats shrimp, sw and hikari aro sticks. PH is pretty steady at 7.4. Temp is about 80F. I don't use carbon on this tank either.

I'll have to keep an eye out to see if it expands or grows.......Hopefully it will just go away on it's own.


Cloudy eye is on the outside, not the inside....

Not sure what it is, but looks permanent. Hopefully it doesnt get any worse... Cataracts perhaps?


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Cloudy eye is on the outside, not the inside....

Not sure what it is, but looks permanent. Hopefully it doesnt get any worse... Cataracts perhaps?
I thought about cataracts, but if it's anything like in the human eye, they are not so visible at such a small size.

Weird. Same spot on both eyes.


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my RTG has that too Gerry. The eye is just that way no?? The little dot is part of the eye no? Do other ARo's have white dots?
found a white dot thread on arofanatics.com


for those that dont have an account:

"Regarding this white dot in the eye, I was ever told by a Vet it's due to catarracts. However, this could be one of the reasons for the white dot.

I was also told that this may be genetic for some fishes, as to whether it is a health problem I am really not sure now. If it occurs in all the fishes in a farm and there is no problem of blindness in the fish, then this theory that all white dots are signs of catarracts may not be entirely accurate."

"It is commonly called "crystal or diamond eyes".To me,it is a defect as i was told by senior sifus that it is akin to cataracts in human.Higher chance of going blind!!Hope this helps!!"


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The dots remain the same. I have not been able to get a better pic and I'm not happy about it. I'm just not sure what to do other than to grow the fish out and hope it either improves or at the very least doesn't get worse.


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Pics from today.

First pic shows the eye under normal lighting. (It actually looks like the dots are getting smaller if you compare the first pic to my last ones.)

The second and third pics have been brightened considerably.

The dots are not on the flat part of the eye. The dot appears to be on the lens.

i wonder what causes this? ive tried reading through some arofanatics thread but all i can dig up is that its a cataract. some claim that will it worsen with age but some claim that it doesnt affect the aro at all. i guess bottom line is that its a defect that is rarely seen in aro industry. i hope someone out there can pinpoint the source of such a disorder.