Finally moved into a 220


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I've had this tank running for months and finally got to move some stuff into it

So far Its got a 12" RTG, and 2 12" palmas polli. I'd like to find pleco or 2 to keep the driftwood clean and some mid swimmers.

I'm not to fond of the 12" beige tiles. It makes the aro's belly bright white. I want to redo the tile and do 20" charcoal colored tiles. I want to darken the tank.






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I was thinking of getting tiles also. I now have a bare bottom tank with black background. I think I'll do like you and go for a dark colour for the tiles.


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Thanks guys

I've been floating that driftwood for 2 years now. Still won't stay down on its own

I really like the way tile makes it easy to clean the tank. I think once I change the color I'll be really happy with them.


looks great. i dont mind the lighter coloured tiles, but i agree that some darker ones would make the aro look better. Is the tank 30" wide?


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Thanks guys :)

Mike I've got a school of 7 barbs coming and and a few other suprises

Motoro it is 30 wide

Daidee that rock is sitting in a hole so its not moving :)


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All I have running on it right now is 2 Rena Xp4's, 2 hydrosponge V's, and 2 300/500gph power heads with sponges on them. Hopefully I can move my Fluval fx5 over to it when I need mo