Floor plan

Finally I will move to my new place next
month, so I should have my tank around April
I may get a 770 gallon 10'x4'x3, plus the weight of
stand and water on the sump, I believe the weight is over

I will put it in my living room, my question here is,
what kind of floor should I use, tile? Hardwood? Or
laminate floor?



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Holy smokes, that's a swimming pool! Sounds awesome! All of my tanks are on concrete so I am lucky there.
How much support does it require if the.770gal is going to
place in the middle of room? Will 8 steel Post be enough,
or is it impossible to place it in the middle of living room?


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howard, each jack post from home depot with steel lintel can hold up to 8,000lbs...it's going to depend on the way your joist runs!....it's not that difficult and should only cost you $60-80 per post, 40 per lintel....etc....my 2 post and 2 lintel cost me $175!


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I bet you those steel posts will be fine. However...if I were you I would ask a structural engineer. It is almost the kind of question you could get one to answer unoficially over the phone. If you ask for an "official" inspection and some kind of certificate/document, then they will charge around $300-500 I think.

Chen just beat me to the post (pun intended!). Sounds like he knows what he is talking about? :)


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no need for engineers, one of the work my company does is install ABM machines for all 5 major banks....the machines all weight between 4-5K each and typically on wood floor locations we use 1 or 2 jack post with a steel lintel and a baseplate....


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Hmmmn won't u want a structural engineer to look at that? I'm currently living on the 2nd floor, and I'll probably hire a SE to look at my floor placement for just a 150 gallon tank :(

I'm not too sure what the jack posts are...and well, asfaik, aquariums, or rather heavy objects rely on psf---but again like i said, I'm no expert.


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i'd be finding out if the concrete in the basement will take the load basement, Concrete isn't very thick so maybe it should be your concern


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Ill second that.....
Had a hot tub in the diningroom at one time and it cracked the concrete at the tele posts in the basement.... didnt notice till i re did the laundryroom floor.
and the way they make houses now..... tripple check the joists, the way the house is supported by beams now and how thick the concrete is if possible from the builder.... Or call a pro for a $200 evaluation....
Ive heard of hardwood buckeling from a heavy doublewide fridge the joists were that new plywood and couldnt take the pounds per sq inch ratio.....
Or you could wing it like most do :)

i'd be finding out if the concrete in the basement will take the load basement, Concrete isn't very thick so maybe it should be your concern