Heaters crapped out


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well...as I'm feeding my fish tonight I noticed the water was quite a bit colder then last week...checked the heaters and both actually crapped out...the temp is down to 75 from 85...good thing I keep my house warm! :) I hope that Jehmco can ship me new ones fairly quick as I rather not have to buy the jager glass types.....


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hope everyone is ok....
would really love to come by and check them out.
I promise no nets or styros....


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yikes. good to hear all the fish are ok. im always scared for equipment malfunctions. my heater for one of my 40s stopped working and i didnt notice until a week after. luckily the 40 gal only had some silver dollars and a wolf fish lol


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I am free any time after 7pm mon-sat and all day Sundays.
Hope this helps as I would really love to come see your set ups and talk aros.
Not awesome but I can be reached at 604-970-5495.