Hello forum members


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Thanks to all for inviting me to your forum.
My name is April Ross. I live in Vancouver b.c. Theo is one of my neighbors.
I have a small retail shop in Vancouver. Mainly small community fish, discus and goldfish and some koi.
Here's my websites .
Www.aprilsaquarium.com there's a few good articles on discus care for anyone thinking of setting up a discus tank.
Also www.aprilsaquarium.blogspot.com
On the blog I update with what's new in the store. Also pictures.
Hope you enjoy. Thanks April.


Welcome April. I have a few Discus myself. You'll be a great addition to the team here!


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Hello super cricket, juice and Joey.
Now I know where juice went! Are you an arrowana owner? I was just saying alot of people Mia. You being oe of them.


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Hi April - I think you will be a very good addition to the forum and am glad you have joined. Any chance you can post some photos of the wild discus you currrently have in stock? And I believe you are kind of "famous" for bringing in "Forrest discus"? Any photos you can provide would be great. Pardon me for not knowing much about discus, will need your help to learn more. :)


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Hi there working on it...but. ...no tapatalk application for my iPad.
Maybe I can via photobucket.
I posted some om my blog. [email protected]
No Forrest fish right now. Had to get the wilds in . No mixing.