How did you find us?

Hello everyone

I keep rtg, green, silvers and australian aros.

I keep suitable tank mates with them like Wallago, Red tail cats, Nigers, Arapaima, brycons, large species of barbs and lots of cichlids.
hello all

greetings from regina.

I have silver I have been growing from about 2 inches, recently I saw a red chilli arowana at a restaurant here and so the hunt began.

I googled arowana for sale in canada and found your classified link

I am also a mfker lol


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If you're able to please let us know where you are located!...that helps everyone in helping you in the future...welcome aboard all.


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I spoke to someone about buying a red aro on MFK and they redirected me to brandon,who then told me about this site. Great site, happy to be a member.