How did you find us?


Hello, I've just joined the club.

I've previously had a couple of highback arowana that were unfortunately both ended up being suicidal. Very expensive learning curve!

Here's what I learned along the way...

- use the plastic trim on back of glass canopy panels that I always remove (1st aro)

- forget about plastic trim and glass canopy panels

- have glass shop cut 1 piece lexan 1/4" thick panel for tank lid with rear cut outs for plumbing and 2"" diam finger holes for feeding and removing

- use plastic canopy trim on lexan panel around plumbing cut outs and place 2.5lb dumbbell plates over feeding holes when not feeding (2nd aro)

Okay, I can see how the 1.5"" gap behind regular glass canopy back end would tempt an escape, but a 9" fish jumping straight up through a 2" hole with a dropped water level and an FX6 pushing him around is just insane. Well let's just say now I'm a fully convinced believer.

Those big eyes don't lie.

I'm awaiting the delivery of my 3rd arowana (panda gold supreme from and have since made a tank lid out of barbed wire, concrete, carbon fiber, interlocking brick, re-bar, titanium and placed a pair of bald eagles on top of it, as back up I have installed infrared sensors and an 1,000,000,000 volt electric arowana air traffic defense system. However, leaving nothing to chance, incase that is not enough I will be keeping watch from the couch with bear mace, stun gun and an AK-47.


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I have been mildly searching for a bbxb for about a month now. Not expecting to get one until after I move.

then one day a friend of mine was urging me to get a vfsr, and I kept telling him no I want blue not red. I went home, researched them and came back willing to go for the violet fusion. He told me the vfsr was gone but there is a nice bb available.

so I started searching for a panda bbxb and found a really nice one and it also had a link to here.


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Welcome! :) As you've no doubt seen, there is a lot of knowledge on this site. Put in any relevant search term in the search bar up top and see what pops up! :)