Marineland deep 300 gallon


I just set this up. Very nice system overall. I will post pics soon.

I do have an issue however that it driving me nuts. The overflows on the system seems to be very noisy. They have stock Dursos however one side especially you can really hear the water going into the overflow and draining.

Any ideas on how to quiet this down would be appreciated. Just for everyones information these are pretty standard corner overflows. so even if you dont know exactly what they are if you have an idea please I would like to hear it.


Is it gurgling? or just the sound of water rushing down the pipe?

What size are the bulk heads, and what is your GPH your pump(s) are putting out after head is calculated?


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My old tenecor 150 gallon came with vertical "silencers", basically some PVC pipe that connects to the bulkehead at the bottom of the tank, runs vertical up to the surface of the water, and then has some slits cut in at the top for water to pour through; best way to describe it is that it is a vertical overflow tube inside the overflow compartment. I wonder if you could retrofit such a contraption? I have also heard of people filling the overflow compartment with bio-balls inside filter bags (so that they can be easily removed for occasional cleaning) to cut down on noise too.

I'll be facing the same issue when my tank arrives. Look forward to seeing your photos, glad to hear you are happy with the system overall.


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here is the "silencer" I got with with my tenecor system...seems easy enough to make..

top portion of the silencer

total length

inside my overflow raising water level to the top.


Nice thanks Chen. I ended up fixing it by simply drilling a larger hole in the u tube top. Works fine for now.


Quieted right down this morning. Thats the problem. They have holes drilled in the side of the utube and unless they are both under water they splash.