My 300G Is on the Way.. Asian aro comm here i come


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great write up and setup....must be fun to just sit n watch them swim around.....any future plans on covering the sump area??......


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Chen, It wasnt hard at all to set up i guess in your case it would be the drain being the tricky part.... But with a float valve and a submersible pump??? may be your ticket?
Thanks a bunch Its awesome.... I never really used the basement so when this plan came about i had to build a bar down there just to get the buddies to come with me. Now i need a plasma down there for movies a new couch, had to move all the video game systems lol The wife gets more angry by the day now.... (i thought this was just the tank) never really thought about actually sitting down there lol
And still i just sit in the dark and watch em in zen :)


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Got the P trap installed for the drip system today.... i feel better

Also did a reliefe pipe with a ball valve for the oversized pump to cut the current a bit,

Went to aquagiant this morn for 4 more mixed media bags and they had Fei Feng!!!! so i snagged one, Anyone know if this is the type that will get large???


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Peacock.... Sorry forgot to say......
I plan to make a cabinet skirt to go around 3 sides of the steel stand with 4 doors, and also make a cabinet top to cover up all the lights and make some decent wingnut locks off the wood to make DAMN sure the glass tops stay shut for the jumpers :) Ill do a pic post when i get there :)
thanks for the intrest