My 300G Is on the Way.. Asian aro comm here i come


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Well its official the freight truck will be here tomorrow afternoon.... Now the stress starts LOL.....
96x24x30 all black brand spankin new :)
Ill post some pics as i go, try and be as professional as chen was in his...... I read that 20 page thread twice i was so excited
So here is the beginning,
The Clubhouse before i started

Moving stuff around, her resting place will be where the sheet of styrafoam is sitting at the end of the room

Ive got the mat for underneath the stand, styrafoam and plywood cut for ontop of it. All the ceramic rings (45lbs of them) sitting in pails in water cleaning them of shipping dust ect.
Continuious drip water changer system is all hooked up and waiting for a tank to drip in

Now i wait and stress right out how im gonna move that 3/4inch glass box through that window in the basement.... With a few rig pigs that probably wont even be sober at 10 am when the delivery window starts LOL
Wish me luck guys


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You would have to have a drink here to understand the motif lol Just like my many other impulse buys...... that one was a 36 DD i saw in mexico and figured she would match the drapes :)


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Good luck! It will be stressful but take your time and you will learn a lot along the way yourself.


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Well we got the beast in the shop..... They did 3/4 inch glass so she is HEAVY..... Looks awesome, Setting up the stand and such right now then she has to come through the window...... Fingers crossed she moves to her destination just fine


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Well we got her in the house.... would be full already but The tank was way out of level in the front and i ran out of shims...... 3/4 inch...... geez Going to run a strip of plywood right down the front i guess.
The stand is 1.5 inch tubing 1/8th wall, Heavier than i expected. And getting this bugger through the window was a nightmare.... But no damages and she is home now :) Very happy. Once i get her cleaned up ill put some better shots up.
1 question.... do you guys use silicone on your bulkhead fittings? I never have and they never leaked but they suggested it????
Also is there a way i can go from a 1.5" bulkhead outtake to multiple 3/4 line locks??? I have 2 of them and the pump is HUGE.... Looks like its for a swimming pool




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Well here she is up and running.....

Plumbing took damn near 2 days..... had a slow drip on the threaded couplings to the pump when pressured up (swimming pool pump :eek: )...... Had to go with unions.
Its still so Loud though..... Even with the dorso pipes or whatever. ive got 1/4 inch holes on the caps now or they would back up and i dont know if i should make them bigger.

Got the tinfoils in there last night and the dollars and 1 gourami this morning.

Statred the stability cycle and seeding the sump (looks empty but its just HUGE)

Even got the Overflow for the Auto drip system plumbed into the drain :)



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Thanks chen,
Im going to have to build egg crate boxes in there for media... I have 3 5 gallon pails of bio balls in there, 2 5g pails of mixed ceramic rings and 10 12"x12"x2" foam pads plus floss.... and it looks bare.... It seems almost too simple. Im going to put double air stones in as well as more ceramics and maybe some scrubbies but i believe i will still end up with a 30-40 gallon time out tank down there to boot lol


i think you should come over and check out the rays i got from boydo they are crazy! not to mention the aros from him too... :D


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I Plan on it bro....... :) i plan on it.
Just waiting for it to cycle now...... then to see whats available and go from there.
For sure Im keeping 2 rtg's and looking for an Sr a gold Xback and maybe a goldenhead down the road.
I dont trust this water changer too much.... It says 1gph on the drip nozzel but fills a 5 gallon half full in an hour even with the ball valve down to 1/4... Dont want to change too much water
Also this damn pump is still seeping after the 4th time re sealing it.... Ohh the joys of new set ups.