Opinion on BBXB

James Sananikone

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How old are they ?

One looks reg. HBRTG , other two classic XB. The back won't cross either. Certainly not BBXB.

If the certificate said they are BBXB ... I have a big ???


I should have clarified these fish as entry level XB's (at entry level prices). Thanks for the feedback this will help in creating competition amonst the farms in Indo and ultimately increase quality without raising prices.

I'm thinking of grading the fish I have available such as:

- Grade A ($)- SR-typical Maju quality
- BBXB typical Maju quality
- Grade AA ($$)- SR-showing red on scale edge and gills
- XB-shine at 6th level
- Grade AA ($$$$) - SR-14 inch plus showing significant Red
- XB-14 inch plus shine x-ing with good color


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Grading probably makes a lot of sense. And open pricing. People, especially casual observers, need to know the incredible value offered by the prices you are charging.