POTM: 2012

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After a two year hiatus, thanks to Mike at www.exoticaquaria.ca we have a prize to be offered for the best photo of the month. In Mike's own words,

I'd like to hold a photo of the month contest. Give back to the people on Aroclub. Lets start it asap. Today would be good. Contest goes through until end of the Month for submissions.

I will pick the winner end of the month.

1st Prize 4 Orino Peacock Bass Rio Meta 3-3.5 inch

Shipping has to be paid for by the winner $120.

So there you have it. Post your photos and you could win 4 Orinoco Peacock Bass with a significant retail value!

Thanks to Mike at exoticaquaria!


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Thanks Theo!!!

I was surfing through the site and ive noticed its been a while since we've had a contest. Why not give back to the community.

1) Only 1 photo for entry

2) Has to be your own photo of your own fish

3) Photo must be posted on this thread before the end of the month

I will pick the winner on July 1st!!!


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Lets make the orinos 2nd prize

1st prize will be: Silurus Glanis - Albino Wells Catfish!!!

Lets see those pictures!!!


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woohooo...just came back from taking a 101 on taking photos with my Canon 7D...now I know (LOL...I think i do) how to actually take basic photos!
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