Preparing to install a 535 gallon tank into my basement


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Below are a few photos from last week; the cement has been poured now, waiting for the metal stand to be made; will update further with photos in weeks to come.


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Yeah, I thought they would use rebar too; I trust the contractor, and he knows what my plans are, so I just hope his judgement was right.

The new cement slab ended up being about 2 feet thick, so I'd guess that would do the trick...?


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The weight will be uniformly distributed so it should be okay. I live in an old store that was converted to a house and my fish room in the front has a concrete slab floor. I have five tanks in the room (12' x 25.5') totaling 1100g of water and have had no problems (I hope I don't jinx myself).

I also have a 5 x 10 snooker table in the living room along with 300g of fish tanks and have not found any problems with that concrete floor either. You should be good to go.


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The stand will be done in a couple days. It will be painted black by the welder with special marine paint.

I plan on screwing in painted wood panels to the sides of the stand, with a couple of hinged doors so I can access the sump.

I went with the same design as provided by Neoprodigy way back
(see: I am a bit nervous about lack of access from the top, but want to make sure I have enough space to plumb a decent sump properly.

The stand weighs in at just over 300 lbs. and cost $1200 to make. I'll take delivery of it at the end of the summer.


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Only problem with extra bars on the sides could be I lose an easy way to access the sump and plumbing; I planned to keep the side open to I can kind of half-crawl around in there if need be. You can see there are little triangle pieces welded in the corners at the top (called "dibits" or something like that?). I am hoping that will be enough extra strength.
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Well, a small screw up on my end. I should have remembered Derek's (Losai) experience with his corner overflow Tenecor.:eek:

Basically, I do not have enough clearance for the bulkheads in the floor of the tank in the two back corners. Luckily I figured this out while the stand is still in the shop. The welder told me he is not too busy now, so he can fix it. It is going to be unsupported for 9X9 inches in the two back corners; I will just have one inch plywood there, no metal underneath. That way I can drill holes in the wood and fit my bulkeads.

This is a classic example where I could have (should have?) learned from some one else's experience.... :eek:

I am guessing it will be an extra $300 lesson for me?


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I am in Europe for a month, stand and tank project have to wait till September. ;)

I may take a while but EVENTUALLY I will get there! :)