Preparing to install a 535 gallon tank into my basement


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Nah, many many people are doing what I am doing or have done it; check out some threads on this forum by HLNathan, Arl or Neoprodigy to name a few. :)

My stand is ready! As I thought, I am looking at an extra $300. I'll try and get some photos of the stand in the next day or two. Now comes the next hurdle: getting the stand home and into my place... :confused:
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That should be easy. you got your tank in there, the stand wouldnt be hard.
Any ideas of whats going in there yet.


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I have been thinking a lot about what to keep. I have finally decided to go for 3 PGS, 3 CV Maju SR's,a BBXB, and a trio of rays. When the aros get older I hope to get one pair out of them.

I asked the ray guys in Europe whether I could keep an Aussie lungfish in the mix; they said if I put it in when the rays are still young and the fish all grow up together, that it should work. So, I hope to end up eventually with 3 rays, 2 aros, an aussie lungfish and probably one datnoid.

I should have more photos of this project by next week. ;)


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Here is a photo of my stand from last week when it was about to go in. It is standing on its side. You will note the corners I mentioned in an earlier post - they had to be cut out so as to allow bulheads to fit the holes at the base of my corner over-flows... :rolleyes:

The electrician comes this week, going to put in a dedicated circuit just for the tank system I think...

Slowly, but surely, this tank is coming into being. :)


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My sump and filtration plans really keep me thinking. The main part will be a 150 gallon tank - 6' X 2' X 20"; the two corner overflows will flow into it. Then, I add a UV sterilizer and at least one kind of mechanical/biological filter - large cannister, or "fluidized bead" filter. I want to be able to handle a heavy bioload...


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My sump and filtration plans really keep me thinking. The main part will be a 150 gallon tank - 6' X 2' X 20"; the two corner overflows will flow into it. Then, I add a UV sterilizer and at least one kind of mechanical/biological filter - large cannister, or "fluidized bead" filter. I want to be able to handle a heavy bioload...

Or you could stick an 8' underneath, 8x2x2 (that's 240gal I think) ...partition it as sump and grow out tank for aros, or whatever ;)


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In between turkey dinners and my kid's soccer games I spent the weekend gyp rocking the basement. Just a tip to you doing monster tank set ups in the house - wives seem to appreciate it if you do renovations at the same time. This is one compromise I can live with. :)

Getting closer all the time...


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Or you can use an UltimaII 2000 pond filter. I use one on my 270g (no sump) and the rays in it are growing fast.

I also have an UltimaII 1000 on my 320g (with 60g sump) and my two rays have bred 4 times so far in the past year and a half. With 5 large pbass and an 18" clown knife, the tank definitely has a high bioload. The Ultima's work great.


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hey Theo, what deco or substrates if any are you planning to put in? I'm not going to put any in my 400...I've got it to come with a black back and bottom panel...was thinking about putting a huge drift wood but not sure as will need some big plecos to keep that clean....might just leave it empty..


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I've got some great driftwood pieces to choose from. I will likely lay black paper beneath tank, and then add a dusting of sand. I kind of want to do what Frank did with his old home tank at


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hrm...were you looking at white sand? like Frank's setup? my lfs just got in a bunch of malaysian driftwood...heard that they are the best for keeping algae growth on wood in a controllable state...Just not sure what to do in the aqua-scaping or just leave it back and bottom as you know will be black acrylic....Just want the best colour of substrate to bring out the Leo's, Henlei's, Tig and Red Aro


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Well, what do you know. Had people taken bets, I would be busy paying out right about now! :D

Yes, it seems life has dealt me a curve ball. Let's just say that the word "foundation" in relation to houses and front porches is a four-letter word in my vocabulary that happens to begin with an F... :mad:

But I will not stay down for the famous words of General Mcarthur, "I shall return..."

Anyhow, for now check out my humiliating retreat. One person's loss is another's gain (though in this case I get first right of refusal to repurchase the tank if the new owner ever decides to sell... a small consolation I suppose).


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The epic saga continues! :)

After many months storage in Jeremy's (DeepRed) mom's garage, the tank has changed hands yet again! Sorry the tank didn't work in with your home plans Jeremy (or that your wife used her veto - whichever was the bigger factor :D ). Anyway, my understanding is that Bret (or Boydo of Shineaquatics fame) drove all the way from Red Deer yesterday to pick up the stand and tank in the back of his truck. Now that is dedication to the hobby I can identify with (having myself driven halfway across Europe to visit Frank and Nico's operation on more than one occasion :rolleyes: ).

So, the tank should be in Red Deer now, which is ironic since I was camped by the Red Deer river down in Drumheller just last week. Maybe I could have earned a delivery fee and towed the tank behind the RV I was driving. :)

I wish Bret luck with this tank and stand. I am a firm believer in "third time lucky" and so have no doubt that this time the tank will at least be filled with water! :rolleyes:

I asked Jeremy to snap a few cell phone shots last night, hopefully he can upload them here? And Bret, if you don't mind, would you please chronicle for this site your setting up of this tank? The several thousands of dollars (wholesale) I saved you on its purchase should count for some good will in that regard... :) I tell you, I have to be philosophical about the loss I took on this tank. I know Rudy, Chen and Mike have all been here in one way or another, so at least I have good company.

Now if only my friggin 300 gallon were here I would not feel bad (I am still waiting Rudy!)